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Success Stories on Automotive Industry

Success Story 1: FaroArm promotes world-class quality

FARO Articulated Arm on Komatsu“When I first saw the FaroArm at our vendor’s shop floor, it was capable of measuring the angle of slope in 15 minutes. I was amazed by its ability to measure objects without the use of a surface plate,” said Mr. Kataoka, Supervisor in charge of Quality Assurance Division (Komatsu Cabtec).

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Success Story 2: Faurecia Enhances Auto Parts with Portable CMM & 3D Scanning 

Faurecia_FaroArmThe FaroArm has helped Faurecia Shanghai (automotive parts manufacturer) simplify its product development process, improve its design efficiency and reduce its R&D costs. While time-savings and benefits differ across projects, Faurecia Shanghai’s success has a lot to do with their early decision and ideal choice in FARO solutions.

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Related Product: FARO Edge

FARO EdgeFARO Edge industry-leading features make it the ideal tool for companies that are constrained by the limitations of fixed CMM and other portable measurement arms.

Common Applications
Dimensional Analysis | Reverse Engineering | Alignment | First-Article Inspection

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Latest Event Update

FARO Live Webinar:
Portable Measurement - Improving Manufacturing Efficiencies

portable measurement webinarDate: 22nd February 2012 (Wednesday)
 Time: 1.00pm (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

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In the manufacturing sector, quality requirements for part production are increasingly higher, with tolerances becoming tighter. This imposes a greater challenge on manufacturers. In this webinar, we will share with you the different applications of portable measurement solutions, and how it can help improve manufacturing efficiencies.

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Latest Downloads

Recorded Version of Previous Educational Webinar:

webinar_SEA1) CAD-Based Inspection using Contact Measurement
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2) Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning
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FARO Product Videos:

s1_video_laser_tracker_20110920FARO Laser Tracker - Application Video

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s1_video_edgeFARO Edge - Product Video

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Latest Promotions

FARO Promotion: Missed the 3-2-1 Promotion?
A Fantastic 2-1 Offer Up for Grabs

FARO 2-1 promoThrough 16 December 2011, you will be able to grab your 3D Portable FARO Systems, and enjoy:

2 Year Warranty + 10% Discount  

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Whitepaper Download

Technology White Paper: Laser Line Scanning

Laser Line Scanning WhitepaperLaser line scanning provides a quick and effective way to inspect and reverse engineer complex parts and surfaces. This non-contact measurement technology employs high-end optics to convert light into accurate 3D data.
Non-contact measurement devices are becoming more and more popular, driving manufacturers’ research and development efforts to produce better and more effective ways to turn everyday objects into digital computer models and push the envelope of possibilities in three-dimensional metrology.

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Portable Measurement - Improving Manufacturing Efficiencies



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