What are consumers willing to pay for?

What are consumers willing to pay for?

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What in-car infotainment and connectivity options do consumers in India want?


SBD Automotive, the award-winning global automotive technology consultancy firm, has surveyed over 1200 people to find out what Indian car buyers value most.

With one of the fastest growing economies, and a steadily rising disposable income, India has become the one of the largest automotive markets in the world. As the proliferation of smartphones continues to rise too, vehicle manufacturers are starting to offer connected services, which is why it is vital to see if and how consumer attitudes towards in-car tech is evolving.

Talking to 1250 consumers, across 6 major cities, respondents were taken through a journey whereby they were asked to think about how they bought their car, how they use the car, the pain points they experience and then finally taken through infotainment and connected features, together with willingness to pay.

The latest study by SBD Automotive shows that consumers in India now rate ‘overall technology’ higher than ‘value for money’. Interestingly, the survey showed that the majority of consumers want a system that will allow them to remotely check if their car is locked, and to then lock it with their smartphone.


"The results are very interesting as they represent a positive step change in overall attitudes towards cars & tech.

Despite India being a cost sensitive market, we believe that the high-level of interest for connected features represents a good opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, but requires better consumer education and dealer engagement."


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