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Accelerating Asia's Transition to
Safe, Sustainable and
Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Systems

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In this region, autonomous vehicles could make its commercial debut in Singapore as early as 2018 while Japan, China and South Korea are in various stages of development to introduce connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). But what about the rest of Asia? Is the road infrastructure in Thailand and India ready for autonomous vehicles?  How about the vehicle regulations, safety initiatives and insurance cover in Indonesia and Taiwan?

The 2nd Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit 2018 will convene on 30-31 January 2018 under the theme, "Accelerating Asia's Transition To Safe, Sustainable, Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Systems“ and will focus on the following:
  • Regulatory and Legal Initiatives for a Successful Commercial Roll-out of Autonomous Vehicles in Asia
  • Examining First Market Adopters in Asia
  • Frontier Market Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Commercialising Autonomous Vehicles Adoption in Asia-Pacific
  • Technological Innovations for Autonomous Vehicles
The 2nd Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit 2018 will focus on market case-studies of existing and possible markets for autonomous vehicles, OEM vehicle trials including buses, cars and trucks, and technological innovations that will drive the industry.

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Autonomous Vehicles Asia 2018 is the only summit focusing exclusively on autonomous vehicles development and commercial deployment in Asia-Pacific.

It is your one-stop gathering of professionals across the entire autonomous vehicles value-chain in Asia-Pacific, with dedicated speed networking sessions to help build your network.

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