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Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit 2019
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In the highly secretive world of architecting autonomous vehicles, knowledge is not often shared and resources are limited. It seems inevitable that design flaws will emerge, underscoring the importance of testing methodologies, a culture of functional safety, and the development of hardware that is reliable, resilient and efficient for the life-cycle of an autonomous vehicle.
To control the automated driving value chain a knowledge of hardware is crucial - the hardware architectures of Level 3, 4 and 5 AVs, often termed 'super computers on wheels', will be fundamental to the ultimate effectiveness and cost of the vehicle, and the overall quality of the user experience.
Introducing the Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit taking place on March 27, 2019 in Silicon Valley. The summit will be connecting the automotive and semiconductor industries to resolve engineering, design and architectural challenges for silicon and systems in autonomous vehicles. Join Xiaopeng Motors, Ford, SF Motors, NSI-TEXE (Denso), Infineon, Arteris & more.
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Ed Nelson
Conference Director | Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit
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