With over 1,500 suppliers on-boarding throughout 2019, the AutoSphere community is making it's mark in the industry!
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Supply Chain Science - 99.9% Accuracy

Surgere solves supply chain visibility utilizing sensor-based science in conjunction with proprietary hardware and cloud-based software. The solution captures extremely accurate data at an unprecedented 99.9% accuracy level across a community of users. OEMs and their supplier networks - working with Surgere - experience dramatically reduced cost, increased productivity, and a clear ROI in as little as six months.

Surgere's all-encompassing Automotive i4.0 Strategy allows for the tracking of supplier parts all the way to the VIN. Finally, the promise of Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence is being realized in the automotive industry. 

Surgere's AutoSphere - a collaborative supply chain management community for the automotive industry - continues to grow and serve as a catalyst for supply chain innovation. 

The AutoSphere community is on-boarding a minimum of 1,551 suppliers this year, which means members will continue to benefit from Surgere's superior accuracy, common framework, and community. Join the revolution - leverage AutoSphere's collaborative and innovative community for your supply chain solutions.

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